My First Time in Planet Fitness

My first time at planet fitness was actually during the video of me and my bestie attempting to do a viral workout video (which I will link below).

Planet Fitness was honestly everything that I imagined it to be. It was purple, bug, spacious and busy. It was also really clean. The planet fitness that I went to had different sections where you can go different challenges and weights or cardio and abs. One thing I like about it is that it even has tanning beds which is including in your package that’s only $20 a month which is honestly not bad to be able to work out AND get your tan on. My gym membership is $20+ dollars a month and the nearest tanning place is close to $45 a month (which is ridiculous) so honestly to me it seems like such a steal! It made me super tempted to sign up but I had one dilemma.

Like most people in this day and age I appreciate convenience. My gym is only 5 minutes down the road from my house where as the nearest planet fitness is 25 minutes now don’t get me wrong 25 minutes isn’t bad but it’s still way more than I want to drive to workout and tan. That’s almost an hour of travel and especially during the summer when I have to get someone to watch my daughter instead of an hour to go to the gym it turns into two so for me it’s not worth it unless they get a planet fitness in my county then I might consider.

Another thing that threw me off about planet fitness is the fact that there was so many different sections and areas I didn’t know where to go to just do free weights and there were so many people I was just confused but I’m sure that it is something that comes with time and experience.

I do have a friend who has a black card so I can visit with her whenever I want so that’s neat! Apparently there’s different levels of membership there and you get certain benefits with each! Again, pretty neat. I do appreciate the fact that it’s an affordable gym and is titled as a judgement free zone!

Here’s the Video of my friend and I at Planet Fitness:

What’s the name of your gym? Do you like mainstream gyms or smaller, personal gyms? Let me know in the comments!

with love,


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