Mom Friendly Workouts

When I say “mom-friendly” I really mean “time-friendly” workouts. With this, pinterest is my BEST FRIEND. I don’t have any pictures or videos this round but I will definitely uplad a video later demonstrating what I like to do!

I usually take some “me-time” to do 10-20 minutes of stretches, yoga, core, and glutes/leg workouts when I’m home! Sometimes my little one will even try to do it with me! I get myself into this groove that I don’t really focus on anything else. I get in my zone, play my play list and get going!


So Yoga or even just exaggerated stretching has a lot of health benefits in itself and is probably something that should be put into more people’s morning routine, including myself. It would help your body physically prepare for the day ahead. Below I have some easy stretches and even the specific area if your having pain or discomfort in certain body parts!



I think it goes without saying that most people want to workout their core maybe not want to but def feel the need to. I love working out my core but I absolutely hate curls or sit ups whatever you want to call them so I’ll literally do anything but a crunch. My spine shows a little in my back when i bend like that and even with mats its still pretty uncomfortable. So below I have some options for core exercises.



My legs and glutes are the most important workout for me. I have always wanted a more thicker look for myself and when I used to play sport I would always get major compliments on my legs so it’s always something I’ve been proud of so I always want to make an effort to work them out in some shape or form!



Now I know nobody wants to talk about that cardio but it’s a good way to get your heart pumping and you blood flowing! Don’t worry, not running involved! But with the weather being pretty it wouldn’t hurt to get out and do some walking!


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