Run 4 Their Lives Virtual 5K

Good morning everyone! I’m so excited to talk about today’s topic which is (as titled) The Run 4 Their Lives Virtual 5K based out of Charlotte, NC! I have a good friend and fellow instagram blogger who is currently raising money to fight human trafficking and to bring justice for these women and children. I will drop the donation link below! Their goal is to raise $2,000 by Saturday May 9th and they’re already over a quarter of the way there! But before I ask you to donate I’m going to tell you a little more about it!

The Mission

Freedom 4/24 exists to bring freedom and justice to victims and survivors of sexual exploitation and trafficking through providing awareness and education and expanding the work of our partners.

Run 4 Their Lives is Freedom 4/24’s race series which is held in cities across the United States to bring communities together for a family friendly, hopeful event to increase awareness of human trafficking, share stories of girls who are now rescued and free, and to encourage continued advocacy. Often participants increase their advocacy efforts by becoming fundraisers and using the race as a platform to share about the issue of human trafficking and the work of Freedom 4/24. Run 4 Their Lives highlights a Freedom 4/24 domestic partner, and the funds raised through each race are granted out to both that domestic partner and Freedom 4/24 to support their continued work in the fight for freedom.

What are Run 4 Their Lives Races?

Run 4 Their Lives Races are Freedom 4/24 events that aim to raise awareness of sexual exploitation and human trafficking across the country. You have the option to become a fundraiser and raise $50 from your friends and family and run for free or the registration fee is $24. Once you register, share your referral code with five of your friends – if they each register, you can get up to $12 of your registration fee back!

Be sure to check out the new Raise Your Arm campaign to increase your impact and involvement in the lives of human trafficking survivors like Nicole, Natasha, and Priscilla!

Price: $24.00 Race Fee + $2.50 SignUp Fee
Registration: Registration ends May 9, 2020 at 9:00pm EDT

Raise Your Arm Challenge:

Nicole and Natasha are survivors of sexual exploitation who are from right here in America. Priscilla is a survivor from Uganda. During the R4TL Charlotte 2020 run, these survivors will be highlighted and their names will be written on each participant’s arm as a significant act of advocacy and awareness to run for their freedom and the many others with similar stories! If you want to have an even greater impact, begin sharing their stories now through the Raise Your Arm Challenge. Read Natasha, Nicole, and Priscilla’s story and then select one of the following tiers within the Raise Your Arm Challenge to help share their stories and fight for freedom

Priscilla’s Story: Priscilla is 13 years old living in Uganda. Her father died while she was young and her mother was sick with a mental illness. With her mother unable to properly care for Priscilla, she would often leave her home alone, leaving her vulnerable. Men would come to the house and sexually abuse her. With no food and no money she didn’t no what to do or who would help. Scared to go home, she would live on the streets in the village. One day, local leaders became aware of the situation and connected her with Christine’s House, Freedom 4/24’s partner in Uganda. Once rescued, she was saved from a life of sexual abuse. Priscilla is in school again, learning new skills to make a living. Priscilla says, ” I know that God saved me, and I believe my future is not goin to be the way I used to see it.”

Nicole’s Story: Nicole was referred to the Community Coalition Against Human Trafficking (CCAHT), one of Freedom 4/24’s partners in Knoxville, TN, by the Department of Children’s services at 15 years old. Like many who are referred to the CCAHT for services, Nicole’s trafficker was her older boyfriend. Because she loved him, it was easy for him to manipulate and exploit her – isolating her from her family and using her for his own financial gain. But when Nicole was connected with CCAHT, she found the support and trauma-informed services she needed. Nicole turns 18 next summer, and with ongoing support from CCAHT, she is working part-time and applying to colleges. Because of support from friends like you, survivors in Knoxville like Nicole have rediscovered hope. 

Natasha’s Story: Having lost her mother at a young age, Natasha and her family were forced to flee from their war-torn country where they eventually settled in Southwest Virginia. She grew up in poverty and was physically abused by a family member. At just 17 years old, Natasha’s friends landlord offered them a chance at a new life and a job in New York City. When they arrived however, they were brought to a house where her friend was beaten and raped in front of her. Natasha was told she would work as an escort; forced to service up to 100 clients a night who paid to rape her. After two years of being trafficked, she ran away at her first chance to escape. Natasha was charged with attempting to traffic a minor and spent 12 months in prison. Recently, she made her way back to Street Ransom in Roanoke, VA (one of Freedom 4/24’s partners) where she received treatment, encouragement, and additional resources. She is no longer a victim – but a survivor. 


TIER 1: For 30 days leading up to your Run 4 Their Lives event, select one of the highlighted survivors of human trafficking and write her name on your arm for each of those 30 days. For each of those 30 days, pray for that woman and others like her, for the end of human trafficking and slavery, and for continued progress in shining light on this darkness. Share your survivor’s story with your family and friends and encourage them to become involved. Share your journey on social media using the hashtags #raiseyourarmchallenge and #freedom424.
TIER 2: Along with Tier 1, take the next step and invest in the life of a trafficking survivor by becoming a fundraiser.  What can you do with $24?…5 cups of Starbucks, a tank of gas, a movie and popcorn…For $24, you can provide 1 week of education, 2 weeks of counseling, 3 weeks of housing, or 4 weeks of food for a trafficking survivor. Go to the Fundraise tab to become a fundraiser or to donate and again, share your journey on social media using the hashtags #raiseyourarmchallenge and #freedom424.
TIER 3: In addition to Tier 1 and 2, RUN for their lives. Running requires effort and action and may be difficult, uncomfortable, or even painful. Think about the lives of these women and children and how their experiences have been hard, and run through your pain. Run for the girl whose name has been on your arm for the last 30 days. AND if you fundraise $50 or more, you can run for FREE! 

Why We Should Sponsor Hannah

“I am running a race this spring that will help spread the awareness about human trafficking and raise funding to put an end to this modern day form of slavery. Human trafficking is a rapidly growing criminal practice that drastically harms millions all over the world each year. The Home of New Beginnings in Thailand and Compassion to Act are the organizations being represented at this Run 4 Their Lives event, however, the expenses for these safe houses are not free! For example, the numbers below show the monthly cost each of the girls who now call Home of New Beginnings “home” need to receive housing, food, medical care, trauma counseling, vocational training, social interaction, faith and life skills training. And that’s just the start of what it takes to break down the doors of these trafficking and exploitation of these women and children. YOU can help them provide hope and freedom! This breakdown of monthly fees proves that YOUR simple act of fundraising can make a huge difference in the life of one.



FOOD: $100



If you would consider sponsoring me, above are suggested donation levels that show amounts that can contribute to each category or write in your own donation amount. Be sure to indicate that you are supporting my fundraiser!

Thank you for your support; it is greatly appreciated!”

-Hannah K.

I feel so motivated that I might register to run! This is such a growing crime and as a young women it is one of my biggest fear in life. I pray for these women and children everyday. Back in December 2019 the Department of Homeland Security announced that Charlotte, NC is ranked one of the top cities in the country with the most arrests for human trafficking and for me that is a little too close to home. I have heard of multiple women encountering sketchy situations at local public places such as Sheetz and Walmart.
I couldn’t imagine the trauma these women must be facing. I feel so moved to be a part of this as a young women and I am so glad we have people like Hannah who are so passionate about this and is constantly spreading awareness and good word. 
I stand behind this 100% and if you do to visit the links below. 
I hope to virtually see you there!

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